welcome to my home! this is my personal website, here i can freely express myself away from my "real" life and into my little internet sanctuary. this will never be truely "finished", but enjoy gazing! why the name fuchi? it's the name of my favorite hell's paradise character- yamada asaemon fuchi!

email: fuchimon@proton.me webrings & fanlists

feeling: The current mood of junha at www.imood.com
  • listening to: hammer by alice phoebe lou
  • reading: jujutsu kaisen
  • watching: skip to loafer
  • playing: honkai star rail
  • updates :3

    19092023 - revamped diary page for like the 4th time...coding page soon! also new entry.

    17092023 - revamped links & resources page, also updated archives.

    11092023 - new home page! there were like 3 different ones i made until i was satisfied with this one. this one feels like a combo of all my past ones.