hello! my name is Juno, a high school junior from the west coast of the U.S, and the webmaster of fuchi. i was born in november of 2006 and my pronouns are he/him. i'm a very shy and introverted person that keeps to themselves most of the time. most of my days are spent sleeping in my room or hunched over my laptop.
i have a passion for design as well as painting and illustration. i have a seprate art site where you can check out my art. i'm not really active on any social medias except for my website. although i have instagram and others they're only for personal personal use.
mmmhh...i got into coding in 2020? and ever since it's been a major hobby of mine. i've been teaching myself html/css over the years and recently javascript, but i do wanna explore more kinds of programming as well.

  • Animanga: skip & loafer, tokyo ghoul (manga), one piece, evangelion, all saints street, princess tutu, jujutsu kaisen, yotsuba, blue flag, and more.
  • Films: every studio ghibli film, everything everywhere all at once, all about lily chou-chou, but i'm a cheerleader.
  • Music: origami angel, alice phoebe lou, kpop (newjeans, le sserafim, loona, stayc, mainly ggs lol), lamp, mitski, beabadoobee, faye wong, the marias, check out my spotify for more!
  • Video Games: persona 3/4, stardew valley, legend of zelda series, mario kart series, splatoon, animal crossing new leaf/horizons.
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