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09/13/2023 i hate being sick (usually)

last friday i came down with minor sickness which resulted in me missing school that day and losing my voice. my throat hurt for the whole weekened but on monday it was better, so i went to school. however now it's come back, albeit less painful. i just lost my voice this time or at least that's all i notice right now it's still morning. usually i would be pretty elated about missing school but i'm gonna be missing some important lessons today- specifically in my anthropology class. the teacher isn't uploading the class work online so i have to ask my friends what happened WHICH FEELS LIKE THAT ONE ANT MEME Y'KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

luckily for my other classes today, i have the material already or can catch up online. also i'm going to start using notion today! i already have an account but i got bored in like 2 months. now though, i'm in desprate need of a place to organize(or visualize) my schedule. btw using motion means making an aesthetic theme today because i need everything i use to be cute and green.

okay uhh i'm gonna spend the whole day doing school work and then distracting myself with pretty notion theme byeee.

08/29/2023 i'm so hungry

this might've been the worst start to the school year. today was the first day back to school and so i promptly started my period in the middle of weight training class. because of this, half the day was me hoping that i didn't bleed my pants. i was so tired and started having a headache in art but i pushed through to anthropology. math was the worst as the last class of the day, the room has no windows and i was separated from my only friend by a seating chart. besides the negative stuff, overall the classes themselves were fine.

tomorrow should be better since i only have 2 classes. since my sience class takes up 2 periods i only need to go to one class then seminar (aka study hall). my next blog will most likely be about it.

it feels sureal to be a junior now, like there's so many things for college you need to prepare for and do and it's so overwhelming. anyways, i'll probably be too busy to make any updates besides my blog and diary for a while, so uh...bye.

08/25/2023 blog page finished!

after many different layouts, i have finally finished the blog page! for some reason this page has been particually difficult code. the layout for this is a bit different from how my other page are designed (see the lack of green lol). today was spent mostly coding, it's all i wanna do lately but i know eventually will get burnt out and stop for a month then continue. the music page and my art site have both been completed as well!!

on tuesday i start school. i got my schedule last week and i don't know how to feel about it. my school is one where you have 8 classes in total and have 4 every day. on odd numbered days my first period is weight training (kms), art, anthropology, and last class is math. even numbered day schedule is science class at a different school for 2 periods, language, and seminar. i also chose to take an additional class online so...i'm going to be busy.

enough of my complaining, thanks for reading! tbh i don't know what the difference between this and my diary is...i guess this is shorter entries? okay bye!