June 17, 2022.

school finally ended!! i think i did good this year grade wise, well, at least for now since i still have my physics final to complete. it's so bullshit i don't want to do it but if i don't my C will drop to a D... anyways i've recently discovered that i love to cook. if i fail at all my other future goals and dreams i will become a chef.

things i need to do this week: study for my drivers permit test. i am terrified of driving, i think i've stated this in another entry but i'm so nervous because i feel like i'm gonna crash the car as soon as i get behind the wheel. also i feel like i would have very bad road rage.

okay, i don't know what else to add, this site will still have slow updates but excpet more over the summer. bye :)

June 12, 2022.

mmmmhh hello? my depression has been very bad lately plus i'm so done with school (one more fucking week left) and i still have finals i need to finish... so i haven't really had the motavation to work on this site :/ i don't think writing about my stress and depression would be very fun so i'll talk about some fun things that have happened this month. my sister graduated high school! the ceramony was.. ok (it rained) but it went by pretty fast. also as i mentioned before my school ends next week! idk what else to add so bye.

March 26, 2022.

i have not been working on this site lately because of school work and studying for my drivers test which if i pass my mom said she'll buy me a 3DS game because i got my old 3DS working again and holy shit so much nostalgia. i started playing my animal crossing new leaf town again!! i think i'll make a blog about the stuff on my 3DS (when i make the blog section). uuhh i have like 3 weeks left or something of school (gets out on 6/20). i have a final in every class excpet math (oh my god i hate my math teacher so much), the only enjoyable project is my drawing 2 class self-design thing, i'll post it here when i finish. i'm excited but scared of school ending because i actually have to become a functioning human being and grow up it scares me lol. anyways, lately i've really wanting new clothes cause i literally wear the same clothes to school. the first thing i do when i get home is change into pj's. also cooking, i want to try making some recipes i found online and i've been very hungry lately. anyways, this week was shit but i'll be working on this more during summer break so look forward to or be terrified of me being more active. BYE!!

March 19, 2022.

wow today has been so weird.. first thing in the morning some kid overdosed at my school and during last period my favorite teacher told us that he was moving and leaving teaching. i just now realized mid typing that i forgot to finish my paper for his class shit uhhhhh anyways lately i have been very stressed out for some strange reason. i feel overwhelmed frequently, maybe it's because the end of school is in like 4 weeks.. i actually have to make desicions about the future T_T adding to that i've been studying to get my drivers permit which i am TERRIFIED about. everyone my age is so excited to get it but i am literally terrified of driving lol. as for this site i hate it so much i want to delete and start over but i put so much work in already and UHGHHHH i finally decided on a index theme kinda and finally added collections!!! it's not done though hahah.. i want a piercing so bad..

March 8, 2022.

lately i've been feeling like shit mentally, school for whatever reason has been very draining even though i don't get a lot of outside of class work. yesterday i got my hair trimmed/cut, i like it but i miss my longer bangs. it's okay though my hair grows at a very fast rate lol. on friday i got out of going to school and because i'm lazy i haven't checked online to see what work i need to do.. i probably should because my world history grade is BAD. anyways i'm going to rant now: i feel like i'm deteriorating in my own room. i don't go outside often, i don't hang out with anyone, and i barely even talk to anyone anymore. people my age are usually hanging out or talking to their freinds regulary but not me. i feel so alone, then again i don't have that many friends in the first place, it's always been hard for me to make them. all my past friends went to different highschool's so i only really talk to 3 people.. that was a very depressing rant so to end this on a happy note: school ends in 35 school days!!!

March 2, 2022.

i hate monday. today as soon as my sister and i were leaving school the fire alarm went off which i suspect that someone pulled on purpose. anyways i was going to write an entry yesterday but i was doing really bad mentally so i forgot lol so yesterday my mom, sister and i went to a korean bqq resturaunt and it was so fucking good (albeit we were sick at the end). i would defintely go again 10/10! also it's spring where i live right now but it's raining the hardest it has all year..the reality of spring in my state. ok that's all i think bye.

April 28, 2022.

this week has been crazy and it's not even over. 2 kid's at my school died so school has been pretty depressing. as for this site i've been struggling a lot with the layout but i really do plan to work hard on this during the weekend. today has been a pretty good overall!

April 26, 2022.

im getting somewhere..

April 24, 2022.

hello... this is my first journal entry! i have a world history project that's due tomorrow and i have 3 pages done.. it's supposed to be a full comic. i know i should be doing it right now instead of working on this but i don't want to it's so boring .. well a good thing that happened this weekend is that i finally tried adding milk into shin ramen and it's so fuckking good oh my god. i could eat it every single day- seriously i had it for breakfast this morning and yesterday. i'm probably going to waste my time the rest of the day bye!

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