these are my stayc albums! unfortunately i don't have a lot but one day i want to collect all their albums.

newjeans! their albums are so unique, cute, and aesthetic.

my sad lonely loona album....i hate BBC.

le sserafim! in this album i pulled a photcard of chaewon, one of my biases.

twice! they always have so many photocards lol.

BTS! i'm not into BTS as much as i used to be, forever young is my favorite.

TXT! sorry this picture looks really weird lol.

i don't even like exo anymore but their music is good.

NCT used to be my ult group but i don't stan anymore. i have more NCT albums but

i have more but i'm too lazy to take pictures and i'm not into a lot of those groups anymore. i apologize for the camera quality, i thought taking pictures would be easier than finding all the transparent pngs.

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