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    welcome to fuchi! my personal hobby site of mine. fuchi was coded by webmaster Juno (me). this site is constant WIP as it's frequently changing and growing!

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    this website is run by a tired high school junior with a passion for web design and the color green. you can learn more about me here ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

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    14.8.23: new diary page + entry i wrote yesterday. blog is almost done (lie).
    13.8.23: joined the wii webring and updated the home page. trying to get blog and new diary page.
    8.8.23: updated the index and added cat box! and links.
    4.8.23: added my things page. made some minor upadates to links and archive as well. new diary entry soon!
    1.8.23: added projects page and links! i feel terrible but i will get a diary entry in this week.
    30.7.23: changed the index layout because i hated the old one it was so ugly. this was so the first V.3 index. erase the other one from you're mind.
    26.7.23: added shrines page, no shrines ready yet. i keep making like 100 small edits to the index i need to stop T-T
    25.7.23: added archive page.
    23.7.23: new about page! the way i lied about taking a break from coding in my last diary entry..
    22.7.23: new layout finally!!!! very different from old version, but i like it. read my new diary entry for the more detailed update.
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