Juno's Diary

August 5, 2023

this august many exciting things are happening! tomorrow ep 1071 of one piece is coming out AKA gear 5 luffy! i'm so excited because the end of ep 1070 really set the tone(idk). this month i'm going to a punk show with my friends! now that i think about about it, i've never really been to a concert before. i've been to events that had concerts but never a concert itself. while seeing an artist i like seems cool, the idea of being around so many people unnerves me which is why i don't care for concerts. but it will be a new experience for me! and i'll be with my friends too. unfortunately, school is also on the list of things happening this month. i'm going to offically be a junior...wow. my mom and i went to the school this week to sumbit a form to change my deadname to Juno which is the only thing school related that i'm happy about.

the struggle of finding a job is real. i have like $15 in my account right i need money BAD. i've been fighting the urges inside me to not get another lip piercing, but snakebites just look so GOOD UGH. piercings, piercings, piercings...anyways my final driving test is on wednsday as well which is nervwrecking.

my mental health this week has been pretty all over the place recently. i feel so overwhemled over nothing. i've been focusing on coding and finally drawing again to keep myself busy. that's all i have to write for now, bye!

July 21, 2023

wow hello! it's been a while since the last update. the new layout is very different from my old one but i like it a lot, although the CSS for it was a pain in the ass. the next page that i plan on starting is the about page and catbox. to be honest i don't fully know why i deleted all the old pages, and i mean deleted them like i don't even have the files for them anymore which i kinda regret but...oh well. as of now i feel so burnt out so i'm gonna take a break from coding now lol. the new diary layout is the same as the V.2 one just blue/green.

as of now, i'm almost more than halfway into the summer which is crazy. which means junior year is near...i just hope my friends are in the same classes as me. this summer i feel so lazy to do anything, at the beginning of july i wanted to take a walk everyday but all i wanna do as of lately is sleep. i should also mention that i started drivers ed this summer! today i had the last class and final exam, but i still need to take the actual drive test in august to then get my licence. job searching has proved to be the hardest thing all summer as every single place i've applied to has either ghosted or rejected me.

on the brighter side, i've been consuming lots of media. right now i'm re-watching ouran high school host club and picked up jujutsu kaisen manga again. i haven't seen ohshc in years and i'm being reminded how funny it is, if you ignore the questionble bits. i was prompted to read the jujutsu kaisen manga again because i randomly deciced to binge the anime, and i'm glad i did because now i somewhat know what's going on in the plot TT newjeans had their EP comeback today! i think my favorite song from it is ASAP (still no MV as of now...). i feel like it's unique from their other music, but still fits newjeans concept.

i'm committed to also start practing drawing again because i have serious artblock right now!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

some other thing i did this while on mini-hiatus:

  • re-paint my room
  • come out to my mom
  • lose my favorite pencil
  • okay idk what else bye. also it's so fucking hot omg.

    June 5, 2023

    btw i'm writing this fresh from a 5 hour nap so this entry will definetly be edited later. today was very interesting! we had our summer festival today so the schedule was a little wonky to accomodate for it. first period my chromebook broke and in trying to fix it i lost all my files including ALL my sketchbook drawings!! which is where i do most of my digital art. i'm so mad, but i did forget to save them to my google drive first. but still even after it still was still broken so it was literally useless...hopefully they will come back because last time when they all disapeared they magically apeared again. then in math class there was fight right outside of our classroom and i saw my teacher get body slammed. it was very entertaining. anways, the summer festival itself was okay. it was very crowded as usual but they were selling food! i got a mango ice cream popcicle that was amazing. they also gave out our yearbooks! the apearence is nice and simple, but the best part is that my friend who's in yearbook was able to get my name changed! yay!! i was so happy when i saw. since my deadname is still my offical name it was nice to see it changed. it was fun talking and hanging out with all of my friends.

    i'm seriously thinking of just going crazy and deleting everything!! this site needs a serious re-vamp, it's cute but i feel like the index especially needs an update. however i'm literally so lazy and i don't want to re-code anything ugh. if soon everything gets deleted and i disapear for a month you know why. that will probably be in like late june/early july if i were to go crazy lol. okay but actually i am working on a new about me page because i deleted it if you (probably) didn't notice.

    i've continued to play totk and i wanna start playing stardew valley again. i have not touched it in a few months, and i miss my husband shane.

    also happy pride month!!!!!! RAHHHHHHHH!!!

    May 29, 2023

    dghfd i'm so tired. this weekend was extra long and i spent 90% of it in my bed playing tears of the kingdom. i finished the main zora quest first and then the rito quest. i now have both sidon and tulins summons! at first i thought it they were pretty useless but now i think they're actually useful. and cute. this game will now be my obession for the next few months until i finish it, i haven't even completed all the quests on botw. i also decided that i need to decorate my nintendo switch so i implusively ordered a bunch of cute acssesories. that will be my first blog page as well as an update to "my things" page. i've neglected "my things" page for...well ever since i uploaded it lol. the pictures are so ugly um.

    last week i had my english final and somehow i got an A! it was an in class (hand) written paper that lasted the whole period. on the last question i was so stumped on how to conclude it and i'm wrote some bullshit conclusion but i guess everything before that was good enough. as of now my grades are pretty okay, i have only 2 finals that i can think of coming up this last month of school AKA JUNE. at this point i literally do not care about doing any assignments i just want school to end. a main reason is because... i'm re-painting my room! when i was like 4 years old my mom re-did our house and i requested that my room be painted pink. for almost all my life i've lived in these bubblegum pink walls and naturally i've grown out of it. yesterday my mom and i went to home depot to buy all the materials needed. i'm painting my room a off white color btw. so yeah over the summer i need to move all my stuff so i can paint my room INCLUDING my broken bed...which i'm not excited about.

    another thing i plan on doing over the summer is coming out to my mom as transgender. i really don't know how she'll react. she isn't nessisarily anti-LGBTQ but i feel like she'll either accept me or go crazy and send me to some christian conversion therapy. tbh i'm pretty sure she already suspects something... anyways, i updated the diary theme! i like this one much better. to end this entry i'm going to recommened this song because i'm addicted to it.

    May 20, 2023

    wow this month is going by fast! yesterday i attended my schools last play of the school year. it was pretty interesting, the main reason i went was because my friend was in it lol. the end of the school year keeps getting closer and i literally cannot wait for it to end. excpet for the fact that my evil math teacher is giving us a test on the last day. anways, my part time job search has been futile, i just hope to find at least one before summer comes.. oh well. anyways, i've been listening to a lot of red velvet lately. I ALSO GOT TEARS OF THE KINGDOM!! i haven't been able to play a lot this week but since it's the weekend i'm going to play more!

    as for this site, i've been resisting the urge to delete everything and start over. but at the same time i literally spend way too much time on this current layout and this is the farthest i've gotten with all my past layouts/versions.. ugh. i also just uploaded the art and photobook pages. i mainly want to re-do my about me page (even though i almost died trying to figure it out). anyways, i don't really know what else to write. next week i need to study for my finals, so i don't know if i'll be able to update as much.

    May 10, 2023

    i took 2 math tests today and i got 100% in the first one and 62% on the second one :D it will definetly raise my grade in class back to an A. speaking of tests, i got my pre-ACT score back last week. my composite score was 21, which i think is slightly above average so i'm a satisfied- albeit i hate standarized testing. my friend convinced me to download honkai star rail so i've been playing it since it came out. it really is just the improved honkai version on genshin impact lol, i don't play genshin impact anymore but i imagine that it hasn't changed. my favorite characters at the moment are qingque, luocha, and fu xuan.

    i've been looking for jobs lately, but am having no luck. i really hope to get a job during some part of summer! for a brief moment i uploaded the collections page but i eneded up taking it down. i wanna re-do it plus my about me page which pains me because i almost died trying to code it. i guess i've hit a creativity block for web design. i don't have much else to say, that's all!

    May 3, 2023

    it's may! the weather where i live is finally starting to get sunnier and hotter! i'm so glad because for almost all of january-april the weather has been rainy and cold, not that i dislike it rainy weather, but it just went on for so long. school also ends for me in almost 5 weeks which is kinda crazy. the school year felt so long yet short at the same time. i just want to move on to junior year lol. my grades at the moment are not where i'd like them to be, so hopefully i can raise them before school ends. just today i sumbitted two assignments so hoping that will help. next year is a little scary though since 1) junior year is the hardest and 2) i'm taking difficult classes.

    le sserafim had their comeback "unforgiven" this week and i've been loving it! the title song is okay, i felt that some parts were boring but overall the concept and b-sides were good. i think chaewon and eunchae were especially killing this comeback, but then again all of the members were.

    i haven't been feeling a lot of motavation to code because things in my life, but i hope to get some done this month. if all goes well, photobook and collection pages will be up some time this month. anyways, i can't really think of anything else to write.

    have a good may!

    April 22, 2023

    last saturday i went to the mall to get my friend their birthday gift. while i was there i bought myself some kirby things! i'm in love with that kirby hat now :3

    i got my friend some anime things, but turns out they're not into anime that much anymore... oh well. i also go to their birthday today! although i think that i'm the only friend going because they said everyone else cancelled, so i hope it will not be too awkward because i don't really talk to them anymore.

    speaking of anime, i haven't watched anime in so long or played any of my favorite video games. i have a problem about procrastinating things that i WANT to do or like. i've been meaning to watch bungou stray dogs season 4 and catch up to one piece.

    i applied to a part time job this week as well, but i don't think i got it lol. my application was so bad. i feel like i need to do something besides not staying hunched over my laptop during my free time.. plus money. yesterday i got my lip piercing jewerly changed form a stud into a ring! i love it so much it looks way better than the stud. unfortunately, i already lost the jewelry to my old stud so i gotta find it but it's in a 1 inch plastic bag so i'll have to end up tearing my room apart to find it.

    school has been normal this week. the only stressor was that i sumbitted my US history essay 5 minutes before it was due at

    anyways, i've been re-coding my real about me page and it's been driving me crazy. it uses some javascript- which i am 11:54 pm. i also had a math test on thurday, crossing my fingers that i did well. honestly, i just want this school year to be over already. it's gone by so fast so hopefully it will go by faster.unfamiliar with- and i spent so long trying to figure it out but eventually fixed it. about me page will most likely be the next page up. i that's all for this entry.

    April 14, 2023

    I FINALLY FINISHED THE DIARY LAYOUT HOLY SHIT!! ever since this new theme i have struggled so much with making a diary page that i'm satisfied with, relived that i won't be ripping my hair out over this page anymore.

    we have an extra long weekend this school week, so i've basically done nothing but code the last 2 days and sleep. my school grades are being released this week. i think i did pretty good, didn't get any C's or below. except the one class grades haven't been posted in... ASL. i literally have no idea what my grade could be. my ASL teacher is a nice person, but extremely frustrating when it comes to assignments and grading.

    i just realized that i talk about school way too much here wow, like all the entries here are 70% about school. i'm gonna lay off the school details from now on lol. moving on...

    4 days ago origami angel released a new single "thank you, new jersey" and it's really good! another song i've been loving lately is "tired" by beabadoobee. i've also been consuming so much resident evil 4 remake content and media. it's actually terrible how down bad i am for leon.. but i can't stop hes just so... good in this remake. plus luis and ashley are great in this remake too. omg and i loved ashley's scene/emo costume!

    anyways, nothing really interesting going on this week. tomorrow i'm going to the mall to find my friends birthday gift, but other than that i'm staying huddled up in my room hunched over my laptop. ok bye i really gotta stop procrastinating my laundry.

    April 9, 2023

    today i downloaded visual studio code to see if i liked it, and i did! i might switch over to visual studio code albeit slowly because i still use codepen to code everything.

    this school week is only 3 days! for my ASL class i have to sign the national anthem at the assembly this week T-T i'm so nervous. i dont have any experience with interpreting music so this will be new for me. i basically have most of it down i just need to practice more. on the topic of school, i have a more clearer idea of what classes i want to take next year. unfortunately, forecasting ended months ago so i need to talk with my counsilor.

    currently working on many more projects for this site, so except many new pages soon! that's all i have for this entry.

    April 4, 2023

    the pre-ACT was so unsessisarily stressful. the reading and english sections were fine but the math and science one gave me the most trouble. i actually didn't even have enough time to finish the last questions in the science section so i filled sheet in randomly.. the math was the worst though, i guessed for more than half of the questions. the science section was the only one i didn't complete, i finished the others with a few minutes to spare. luckily it was the pre-ACT so it doesn't really matter. although it added a new stress for next year.

    for school, i'm starting plan which also means stress. i need to fill out my application for early college, but i still don't know if it's right for me. it's due at the end of the month so i need to stop postponing it. the main school stressor i'm facing is college/university aka after high school plans. mainly finaical factors, which may get more stressful when i come out to my mom next year (i plan to do i mean). so lets hope that everything will work out!

    aside from the stressors in my life, i'm doing pretty fine. i've really been liking the kpop group le sserafim lately, excited for their comeback! i'm getting my lip piercing jewerly changed this month as well. i got it pierced in november as a birthday gift, so this will be the first time i'm changing the type of jewerly.

    anwways, not much else to write and i have to get ready for bed. bye!

    April 3, 2023

    hello! this is my first (not really) journal entry. i'm extra interested in web deisgn at the moment lately so i've been coding pages like mad man. at the same time it's really stressing me out. this also doesn't help my current stress over school.

    tomorrow i take the pre-ACT which i literally just found out this morning during the announcments. soooo... at least i don't have my usual classes because of testing. i'm contemplating wether or not to even study, i know i should buttt i don't want to.

    anyways, i didn't have a entry in march/spring break so i'll tell a brief summary of what i did: i went downtown to a japanese bookstore and got stuff! including a new sketchbook. And then slept and coded like crazy until yesterday (the end of spring break). also been obsessed with the resident evil 4 remake.

    okay, that's all!